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Morton Senior Center 

Marsha George:  You saved me this week.  At least I have an out once a week or more.

Local Doctor in Lewis County:  You (the Senior Centers) provide a wonderful service to the Seniors in Lewis County.  Most Senior's, it's the only way some of them get a good meal, Socialize and just get them out of their homes.  The Senior Center's are a wonderful thing.

Members of the Morton Senior Center: 

#1.  The Senior Center's are a place for people to socialize and get out of their homes. 

#2.  Most Senior's eat alone at the home, where the Senior center's provide us a place to go and eat with our friends, play card and enjoy the activities the center's provide.

#3.  The Center's provide activities, such as Quilting, Music & Bingo and it's not far from home.

From George and Donna Mitchell:

To Senior Dynamics

We are glad this program and others are in place, ready for us. At this time, we may not use many of the services. However, we know they are there for us. Information and services for senior citizens are vital.

Every like has its ebb and flow and to know where to turn when when the sands of time shift, is comforting.

Bless those who volunteer and support us as respected citizens in so many ways. A place to gather, chat and partake of a meal is important. More than that it is the feeling of belonging and not forgotten.